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CERVER.io is the academic and research work of CERVER Design Studio and Robert Cervellione.  We are all about promoting collaborative industry based research and always try to propose new ways of making. We are hackers, tankers, coders, fabricators, and all around technology enthusiasts.  You will find design and construction based research in physical computation, 3d printing, robotics, UAV systems as well as tool and workflow creation through programming and custom software.

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RT @erika_jamerson: This is my favorite part about vehicle animations in Fuzor! https://t.co/qeYam9gOq8
30 January 2018
RT @BIMExtender: Fuzor Hololens - Aligning Your Model with the QR Code: https://t.co/vknDQJJZgF via @YouTube
30 January 2018
RT @ikeough: And how about drawings of all the pieces?! https://t.co/ZhjOzL4BNH https://t.co/P2o3AvgLau
27 January 2018
You would think 12,000 framing nails is a lot untill you have to order that 3 times
18 January 2018
RT @Smartgeometry: Only a handful of hours left to propose a cluster for the #sg2018 Workshops in Toronto! #MachineMinds https://t.co/kVM8d…
03 January 2018
@carolhagen I will definitely be doing more documents on my automation journey. But tweets will still be hand typed… https://t.co/a6FJ5tV92E
02 January 2018
2018 resolution. Automate everything..take long vacation while AI driven robots carry out tasks and send me updates… https://t.co/FUKULAgLs8
02 January 2018
2018! https://t.co/V4YhHNiazV
01 January 2018
Anyone who thinks BIM, computation , and advance construction is only for big projects is crazy. Res single and mul… https://t.co/m9DCMfuOsc
22 December 2017
@brianringley wore my new wework branded bldgs =data t-shirt to my office which is in wework , did not think that trough.
06 December 2017
@ikeough I would love to know more about where your taking ifc
26 November 2017
@randydeutsch @brianringley nice robotic graphics
22 November 2017
RT @randydeutsch: ICYMI Read about professional dancer Shannon McMullan’s second time being the Event Coordinator for TT's annual #AEC Tech…
22 November 2017
#AU2017 #FUZOR best VR/AR I have ever experienced. Full two way connection to Revit, navis works, has AI, reads 3dm… https://t.co/fTCrJPEDhB
16 November 2017
RT @ZachKron: @DynamoBIM @adskFusion360 @infraworks @autodeskmaya @AdvanceSteel Awesome Martian architecture by @BIM4Struc @cerverds and @G…
16 November 2017
RT @DynamoBIM: Watch some of your favorite #Dynamo experts compete during #AU2017 @marcellosgamb @BIM4Struc @cerverds @Gytaco https://t.co/…
12 November 2017
@KCMarchitect @60secondrevit @ColinMcCrone @ian_siegel @DynamoBIM @BIM4Struc @Gytaco @marcellosgamb Yep it's on… https://t.co/x43CwbAPnR
10 November 2017
RT @KCMarchitect: @60secondrevit @ColinMcCrone @ian_siegel @DynamoBIM Discovered the answer to my own question... #DynamoSlam2017 will feat…
10 November 2017
@DynamoBIM @ABBRobotics just pushed my addition to ToRo to the package manager. Dynamo <> Robot studio link… https://t.co/VAOO6wpmJX
08 November 2017
@ikeough Congratulations...you know if the software you make is good which it most likely will be then Autodesk will buy it from you.
08 November 2017
Welcome to the new CERVER.io

Welcome to the new CERVER.io