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CERVER.io is the academic and research work of CERVER Design Studio and Robert Cervellione.  We are all about promoting collaborative industry based research and always try to propose new ways of making. We are hackers, tankers, coders, fabricators, and all around technology enthusiasts.  You will find design and construction based research in physical computation, 3d printing, robotics, UAV systems as well as tool and workflow creation through programming and custom software.

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@ConEdison Really...if I DM you in Twitter you will fix your vicious practices..who knew
15 August 2018
Utlities in NY is such a scam @ConEdison should be ashamed. I used $8.12 worth of gas yet it cost $30.10 to deliver… https://t.co/AGahyPC2zQ
15 August 2018
@VSTS is really great. I find it so much easier that GitHub. Especially for private repos
13 August 2018
@shaneburger @magicleap I am curious as well , have you done a demo. I still love the hololense and have been play… https://t.co/wlOy0gymyI
08 August 2018
@RoboDKinc @DynamoBIM make some headway on #dynaRoboDK . Now have two way communication and live update of targets… https://t.co/h86MNoJIgz
06 August 2018
To NYC renters, developer only want small cheap appartmets because you keep fighting over renting small cheap appar… https://t.co/XnSJdqjkHf
02 August 2018
@hexapod1985 @RoboDKinc @DynamoBIM It will eventually be able to do whatever robotDK can do, if you mean multi move… https://t.co/NsMyEW9dpM
01 August 2018
The humble beginning of DynaRobotDK. @DynamoBIM @RoboDKinc https://t.co/znPOKsWJqJ
01 August 2018
@pickover @ikeough I love optimization but we are far from a viable solution. Besides basic things like light/ air.… https://t.co/Mfg61heoTn
31 July 2018
If this is true this tells you how corrupt the entire system is, contractors were able to scam 30 million change or… https://t.co/Kww5cfXT0D
23 July 2018
@abdulgbawa @randydeutsch It's always about money but there isn't a lot of data yet as it's a hard metric to nail down
20 July 2018
Teaching contractors how to use robots, lasers, scanners and other tech to assist in construction is easy compared… https://t.co/G7585ulFuh
20 July 2018
@AIANational @mvlerner @stltoday Because they are so misunderstood. Banks Miss understand and will not lend money l… https://t.co/bgmiUT5bGt
13 July 2018
I keep reading about how the AEC industry needs to embrace a new way to build or how are we need to catch up . Anyo… https://t.co/rt1rCrzMNX
12 July 2018
@MichaelKilkelly @AIANational Clones so I can get a lot more done.
11 July 2018
@SunBlueEnergy Happy to say that the new house I designed with passive house performance is doing better than model… https://t.co/UzUNgAanHm
11 July 2018
@marcellosgamb I know it well. I wrote a Dynamo plug in to read and write alembic
03 July 2018
@marcellosgamb @Adsk3dsMax It's been in Maya for a few years...it's sad how long the aec industry takes to catch up… https://t.co/cVNsth8eBA
21 June 2018
@ikeough @haxelang I usually add an "as" statement in the using declaration to override the namespace
17 June 2018
@ikeough Are you using pbr shaders or writing your own
08 June 2018
Welcome to the new CERVER.io

Welcome to the new CERVER.io