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CERVER.io is the academic and research work of CERVER Design Studio and Robert Cervellione.  We are all about promoting collaborative industry based research and always try to propose new ways of making. We are hackers, tankers, coders, fabricators, and all around technology enthusiasts.  You will find design and construction based research in physical computation, 3d printing, robotics, UAV systems as well as tool and workflow creation through programming and custom software.

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@AIANational @mvlerner @stltoday Because they are so misunderstood. Banks Miss understand and will not lend money l… https://t.co/bgmiUT5bGt
13 July 2018
I keep reading about how the AEC industry needs to embrace a new way to build or how are we need to catch up . Anyo… https://t.co/rt1rCrzMNX
12 July 2018
@MichaelKilkelly @AIANational Clones so I can get a lot more done.
11 July 2018
@SunBlueEnergy Happy to say that the new house I designed with passive house performance is doing better than model… https://t.co/UzUNgAanHm
11 July 2018
@marcellosgamb I know it well. I wrote a Dynamo plug in to read and write alembic
03 July 2018
@marcellosgamb @Adsk3dsMax It's been in Maya for a few years...it's sad how long the aec industry takes to catch up… https://t.co/cVNsth8eBA
21 June 2018
@ikeough @haxelang I usually add an "as" statement in the using declaration to override the namespace
17 June 2018
@ikeough Are you using pbr shaders or writing your own
08 June 2018
@shaneburger @autodesk I got the same thing we should all make one mega booth and just have an conference in a conf… https://t.co/MqcbB8PRU1
07 June 2018
@realDonaldTrump you want to easily solve student loan crisis. Make it so we pay back what we borrow. Make the loan… https://t.co/r6puBnZUgs
31 May 2018
RT @elonmusk: It’s super messed up that a Tesla crash resulting in a broken ankle is front page news and the ~40,000 people who died in US…
17 May 2018
@ikeough @arch_laboratory @HyparAEC Python is for people who can't keep there colon's in order. C# let's you be laz… https://t.co/Jh30byVIwf
10 May 2018
@AutodeskRevit I can't imagine Revit without tabs now.. but feel like that is something that should have been there… https://t.co/eJG4z3U42a
01 May 2018
@DynamoBIM @YouTube This is amazing. Alias was always a great app and maybe it's time for a comeback. It was one of… https://t.co/Nc28joiZtu
17 April 2018
@RoyalBP #celect #wrougtiron siding going up. https://t.co/DpnNER8B2y
07 April 2018
@shaneburger @autodesk @BIM360 Yea then o go to siggraph and feel like we are not living in the same century as vfx… https://t.co/XBwEJxuMbc
25 March 2018
@autodesk why does vfx get all the good stuff. Shotgun is everything I wish @BIM360 was
25 March 2018
We have been up an running for a few days now at my new house that is 100% solar. Just got my new electric bill https://t.co/O8sbxyjaRs
20 March 2018
@ikeough What's AutoCAD?
19 March 2018
@DynamoBIM I will be giving a quick workshop @NewYorkBuild on Tuesday using Dynamo and Revit on data mining your BI… https://t.co/rPbOY8Gs9p
14 March 2018
Welcome to the new CERVER.io

Welcome to the new CERVER.io